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Non-Investigation videos

We are in the process of moving all video files to YouTube. Email us your comments.

Submitted by Becky

Investigation videos

10th June, 2006 - 1859 Jail, Marshal's Home & Museum - Business, Independence, MO
27th May, 2006 - Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Visit 3 - Business, Louisville, KY
21st April, 2006 - Private Residence - Residential, Independence, MO
7th January, 2006 - The Catacombs Haunted House - Business, Kansas City, MO
12th November, 2005 - The Roasterie - Business, Kansas City, MO
6th August, 2005 - The John Wornall House Museum - Business, Kansas City, MO
25th September, 2004 - Waverly Hills Sanatorium - Business, Louisville, KY

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