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This is a partial list of the paranormal investigations that our group has carried out.
Confidentiality is our number one concern for clients and property owners.
As such many locations may not be displayed on our website while others may have no photos or location information.
We always honor requests for any level of privacy.

DateLocation NameLocation TypeCity,State
15th July, 2016Squirrel Cage Jail, Daviess County Sheriff's Office Visit 2BusinessGallatin, MO
15th June, 2016Squirrel Cage Jail, Daviess County Sheriff's OfficeBusinessGallatin, MO
5th May, 2016Haun's Mill Massacre Site - Visit 3CemeteryFairview Township, MO, MO
23rd April, 2016Wyeth Tootle Mansion - Visit 2BusinessSt. Joseph, MO
29th January, 2016Spirit Communication ExperimentsResidentialLiberty, MO
9th January, 2016Private ResidenceResidentialIndependence, MO
13th November, 2015Wyeth Tootle MansionBusinessSt. Joseph, MO
25th September, 2015Missouri State Penitentiary - Visit 2BusinessJefferson City, MO
11th September, 2015Haun's Mill Massacre Site - Visit 2CemeteryFairview Township, MO
14th August, 2015CE-5 ExperimentResidentialLiberty, MO
7th August, 2015Blindfolded Ouija Board ExperimentResidentialLiberty, MO
7th August, 2015Bell Jar ExperimentResidentialLiberty, MO
26th June, 2015Ganzfield Experiment 2ResidentialLiberty, MO
25th April, 2015Historic Pottawattamie County Squirrel Cage Jail - Visit 3BusinessCouncil Bluffs, IA
21st February, 2015Undisclosed LocationBusinessIndependence, MO
5th December, 2014Spirit Radio ExperimentResidentialGrain Valley, MO
19th July, 2014Ganzfield ExperimentResidentialLexington, MO
8th June, 2014"Devil's Toy Box" Experiment 2ResidentialBuckner, MO
4th April, 20141859 Jail, Marshal's Home & Museum, Visit 3BusinessIndependence, MO
22nd February, 2014Glore Psychiatric Museum - Visit 3BusinessSt. Joseph, MO
8th February, 2014Historic BuildingBusinessKansas City, MO
31st October, 2013The "Sallie" House - Visit 21ResidentialAtchison, KS
26th October, 2013The "Sallie" House - Visit 20ResidentialAtchison, KS
25th October, 2013The "Sallie" House - Visit 19ResidentialAtchison, KS
18th October, 2013The "Sallie" House - Visit 18ResidentialAtchison, KS
12th October, 2013The "Sallie" House - Visit 17ResidentialAtchison, KS
8th October, 2013The "Sallie" House - Visit 16ResidentialAtchison, KS
4th October, 2013The "Sallie" House - Visit 15ResidentialAtchison, KS
27th September, 2013The "Sallie" House - Visit 14ResidentialAtchison, KS
27th July, 2013The SpooklightResidentialHornet, MO
10th June, 2013Private ResidenceResidentialLexington, MO
25th May, 2013Main Street Galleria Upstairs Tea Room - Visit 2BusinessWeston, MO
14th April, 2013"Devil's Toy Box" ExperimentResidentialKansas City, MO
1st March, 2013The John Wornall House Museum - Visit 3BusinessKansas City, MO
7th December, 2012Glore Psychiatric Museum - Visit 2BusinessSt Joseph, MO
10th November, 2012Historic Pottawattamie County Squirrel Cage Jail - Visit 2BusinessCouncil Bluffs, IA
2nd November, 2012The John Wornall House Museum - Visit 2BusinessKansas City, MO
29th October, 2012The "Sallie" House - Visit 13ResidentialAtchison, KS
29th October, 2012The Shisler Home - Visit 2ResidentialAtchison, KS
26th October, 2012The "Sallie" House - Visit 12ResidentialAtchison, KS
19th October, 2012The "Sallie" House - Visit 11ResidentialAtchison, KS
12th October, 2012The "Sallie" House - Visit 10ResidentialAtchison, KS
12th October, 2012The Hannah Jo Cusack House aka The Berry Home - Visit 5ResidentialAtchison, KS
6th October, 2012The Shisler HomeResidentialAtchison, KS
5th October, 2012The Hannah Jo Cusack House aka The Berry Home - Visit 4ResidentialAtchison, KS
5th October, 2012The "Sallie" House - Visit 9ResidentialAtchison, KS
20th July, 2012Private ResidenceResidentialAvondale, MO
14th July, 2012A Bed and Breakfast - Visit 2BusinessFulton, MO
3rd January, 2012Historic BuildingBusinessKansas City, MO
29th October, 2011The "Sallie" House - Visit 8ResidentialAtchison, KS
15th October, 2011The "Sallie" House - Visit 7ResidentialAtchison, KS
14th October, 2011The Hannah Jo Cusack House aka The Berry Home - Visit 3ResidentialAtchison, KS
14th October, 2011The "Sallie" House - Visit 6ResidentialAtchison, KS
1st October, 2011The "Sallie" House - Visit 5ResidentialAtchison, KS
30th September, 2011The "Sallie" House - Visit 4ResidentialAtchison, KS
30th September, 2011The Hannah Jo Cusack House aka The Berry Home - Visit 2ResidentialAtchison, KS
24th September, 2011The "Sallie" House - Visit 3ResidentialAtchison, KS
17th September, 2011The Hannah Jo Cusack House aka The Berry HomeResidentialAtchison, KS
9th July, 2011Missouri State PenitentiaryBusinessJefferson City, MO
27th May, 2011Haun's Mill Massacre SiteCemeteryFairview Township, MO
2nd April, 2011Private ResidenceResidentialWarrensburg, MO
19th March, 2011Main Street Galleria Upstairs Tea RoomBusinessWeston, MO
18th March, 2011Private ResidenceResidentialGrain Valley, MO
21st November, 2010J. Huston TavernBusinessArrow Rock, MO
13th November, 2010Private ResidenceResidentialTonganoxie, KS
2nd October, 2010The "Sallie" House - Visit 2ResidentialAtchison, KS
23rd July, 2010Ray County MuseumBusinessRichmond, MO
1st May, 2010Historic Pottawattamie County Squirrel Cage JailBusinessCouncil Bluffs, IA
26th March, 2010Glore Psychiatric MuseumBusinessSt Joseph, MO
5th March, 2010Private ResidenceResidentialLawrence, KS
27th February, 2010A Bed and BreakfastBusinessFulton, MO
30th August, 2009Historic BuildingBusinessEnid, OK
1st August, 2009Historic Building, Visit 2ResidentialUndisclosed, KS
31st March, 2009JACK-FM 105.1 StudiosBusinessMission, KS
9th January, 2009Historic BuildingResidentialUndisclosed, KS
14th November, 2008The Elms Resort and SpaBusinessExcelsior Springs, MO
11th October, 2008Private ResidenceResidentialKansas City, MO
5th October, 2008The Lemp Mansion, Visit 5BusinessSt. Louis, MO
26th May, 2008A Business in Sugar CreekBusinessSugar Creek, MO
30th April, 2008A Business on Southwest Blvd.BusinessKansas City, KS
5th January, 2008Original Springs Hotel, Visit 3BusinessOkawville, IL
14th November, 2007Private ResidenceResidentialKansas City, MO
29th October, 2007The Alcott Arts Center - Pre-InvestigationBusinessKansas City, KS
27th October, 2007Private ResidenceResidentialBlue Springs, MO
19th September, 2007Raven HouseResidentialSouth Bend, IN
25th August, 2007Historic Building in Kansas CityBusinessKansas City, MO
6th July, 2007EVP ExperimentsResidentialBlue Springs, MO
12th May, 2007Private ResidenceResidentialOverland Park, KS
20th April, 2007Whatsoever Community Center, Visit 2BusinessKansas City, MO
31st March, 2007Private ResidenceResidentialKansas City, MO
9th March, 2007Whatsoever Community CenterBusinessKansas City, MO
3rd March, 2007Private ResidenceResidentialBlue Springs, MO
16th January, 2007Private ResidenceResidentialTopeka, KS
6th January, 2007Original Springs HotelBusinessOkawville, IL
17th November, 2006Salon Medusa, Visit 2BusinessKansas City, MO
11th November, 2006Asylumcam.com HomeResidentialSedalia, MO
27th October, 2006Salon MedusaBusinessKansas City, MO
20th October, 2006The Beast Haunted HouseBusinessKansas City, MO
7th October, 20061859 Jail, Marshal's Home & Museum, Visit 2BusinessIndependence, MO
9th September, 2006Private Residence, Visit 2ResidentialSt Joseph, MO
8th September, 2006The Lemp Mansion, Visit 4BusinessSt Louis, MO
26th August, 2006Private Residence, Visit 2ResidentialIndependence, MO
5th August, 2006Pitcher Cemetery & Hill CemeteryCemeteryIndependence, MO
22nd July, 2006Private ResidenceResidentialEaston, KS
21st June, 2006Private ResidenceResidentialKansas City, MO
10th June, 20061859 Jail, Marshal's Home & MuseumBusinessIndependence, MO
27th May, 2006Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Visit 3BusinessLouisville, KY
29th April, 2006The Catacombs Haunted House, Visit 4BusinessKansas City, MO
21st April, 2006Private ResidenceResidentialIndependence, MO
1st April, 2006Gettysburg National Military ParkCemeteryGettysburg, PA
25th February, 2006The Catacombs Haunted House, Visit 3BusinessKansas City, MO
28th January, 2006The Catacombs Haunted House, Visit 2BusinessKansas City, MO
7th January, 2006The Catacombs Haunted HouseBusinessKansas City, MO
9th December, 2005Private ResidenceResidentialKansas City, MO
12th November, 2005The RoasterieBusinessKansas City, MO
5th November, 2005Private Residence, Visit 4ResidentialElmo, MO
18th October, 2005The Lemp Mansion, Visit 3BusinessSt. Louis, MO
16th October, 2005A Business in Union Station, Visit 2BusinessKansas City, MO
1st October, 2005A Business in Union StationBusinessKansas City, MO
24th September, 2005Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Visit 2BusinessLouisville, KY
3rd September, 2005Delta Sigma Phi HouseResidentialManhattan, KS
27th August, 2005Former Nursing HomeBusinessIndependence, MO
13th August, 2005The "Sallie" HouseResidentialAtchison, KS
6th August, 2005The John Wornall House MuseumBusinessKansas City, MO
30th July, 2005J. Moore House (Villisca Axe Murder House)ResidentialVillisca, IA
23rd July, 2005Union CemeteryCemeteryKansas City, MO
24th June, 2005The First Unitarian ChurchBusinessAlton, IL
23rd June, 2005The Lemp Mansion, Visit 2BusinessSt. Louis, MO
14th May, 2005Private Residence in Caruthersville, MOResidentialCaruthersville, MO
23rd April, 2005Undisclosed LocationBusinessBridgeton, MO
2nd April, 2005School BuildingBusinessCastana, IA
19th March, 2005Lee's Summit Historic BuildingBusinessLee's Summit, MO
12th February, 2005Private Residence, Visit 2ResidentialLee's Summit, MO
22nd January, 2005Ward Parkway Area, Visit 5ResidentialKansas City, MO
20th November, 2004Building in 18th & Vine DistrictBusinessKansas City, MO
30th October, 2004Former Unity InnBusinessKansas City, MO
9th October, 2004Ward Parkway Area, Visit 4ResidentialKansas City, MO
25th September, 2004Waverly Hills SanatoriumBusinessLouisville, KY
28th August, 2004Private ResidenceResidentialLee's Summit, MO
30th July, 2004Private Residence, Visit 2ResidentialLeawood, KS
18th June, 2004The Mineral Springs HotelBusinessAlton, IL
17th June, 2004The Lemp MansionBusinessSt. Louis, MO
7th May, 2004Private Residence (NOT the Sallie House)ResidentialAtchison, KS
1st May, 2004Private Residence, Visit 3ResidentialElmo, MO
1st May, 2004Elmo CemetaryCemeteryElmo, MO
3rd April, 2004Private ResidenceResidentialLeawood, KS
19th March, 2004Blue Springs Cemetery, Visit 2CemeteryBlue Springs, MO
28th February, 2004Private Residence, Visit 2ResidentialElmo, MO
21st November, 2003Ward Parkway Area, Visit 3ResidentialKansas City, MO
14th November, 2003Private ResidenceResidentialElmo, MO
31st October, 2003Private ResidenceResidentialSt. Joseph, MO
20th September, 2003Blue Springs CemeteryCemeteryBlue Springs, MO
23rd August, 2003Shawnee Cemetery, Visit 2CemeteryShawnee, KS
8th August, 2003Shawnee CemeteryCemeteryShawnee, KS
2nd August, 2003Ward Parkway Area, Visit 2ResidentialKansas City, MO
18th July, 2003Ward Parkway AreaResidentialKansas City, MO

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