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Request an Investigation

We encourage anyone considering having an investigation done to read Troy Taylor's "What To Do When Your House Is Haunted."

When you contact us about a possible investigation, please include the following information. We need to know your name, the location, how to contact you, what events are taking place, the frequency of the events, and how long this has been going on. We encourage everyone experiencing something they cannot explain to keep a log to help determine the frequency of the events.
When keeping a log of events please include the following: the location of the event, the exact time and date the activity occurred, and everyone who was present and what each person saw. If possible have each witness write down his or her personal experience.
If you'd like to discuss the possibility of an investigation, email us at investigations@ghost-investigators.com

NOTE: Due to the cost of fuel, we try to limit our residential investigations to within a 4-5 hour drive from Kansas City, MO.

To contact us about any thing else, email us at comments@ghost-investigators.com. Please do not send investigation requests to this email address.

Active Investigators/Researchers

Becky Ray Great Plains Coordinator and Area Representative for American Hauntings
Bryan Kaplan
Jennifer Sprague
Kevin Simpson
Jenny Schlueter
Christina Anderson
Sevren Jacobs
Miranda Stark
Darren Hinesley
Edward Quentin

Columbia, Missouri Investigators/Researchers - Columbia Paranormal Society

James Henderson
Tina Edholm

Media Contact

Kansas City Metro Area: (816) 607-1343
NOTE: We do not return out of state calls regarding investigations, so if you are calling from out of state, please leave an email address in your message so we may get back with you.

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