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Bryan Kaplan

The audiophile of the group. Analyzes audio recorded on each investigation and determines if any Electronic Voice Phenomena was recorded.

Bryan's Overall Thoughts/Theories

Coming Soon...


    Digital & Analog Audio Recorders
  • RCA RP-5012
  • Maycom VR-3032
    Electromagnetic Detector
  • E.L.F. Zone EMF Detector by Enzone
    Still & Video Camera

(please visit the Equipment page for more information)

Bryan's Equipment Wish List

Below is a list of equipment I would like to purchase/obtain in an attempt to have other means to gather audio and video.

    Audio Recording Equipment
  • Marantz PMD222 or
  • Marantz PMD221
The difference between these two units is that the PMD222 has an XLR Microphone Jack.


If you think of something you'd like to see, drop us an email and let us know!


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